Your very personal, non-transferable Hypernet.ID NFT indicates on-chain, that you have a verified identity and you have passed sanctions screening. Your personal information is stored safely and securely and is NOT published on-chain. Hypernet Labs is the only party that can mint or augment your NFT.

2. WHY

Seamless verification completely auditable on supported blockchains
In a pseudo-anonymous fashion, the Hypernet.ID NFT reports verification timestamps and the mere presence of PII — not the PII itself — on the blockchain. Anyone capable of querying a Web3 endpoint may access the NFT. Because Hypernet publishes your NFT on the blockchain, it can be utilized directly by the smart contracts of any decentralized application (a “dApp”), something that is impossible for other distributed identity products that rely on distributed object storage methods.

3. HOW

Ultra-simple, ultra-accessible Hypernet.ID (website https://hypernet.id/)
Really. To receive your Hypernet.ID just enter your personal information and wallet address once. Next, you will receive email notification with your minted non-transferable NFT. Use your NFT to verify your identity on any registered dApp project. Minutes to create, seconds to use.