Art Presented in Digital Assets

Art Available in physical form

Original Art

    1. Artist’s proof
    2. Giclee Reproduction
      -Limited reproduction

Marketplace Products

Leasing Art NFT for reciprocal value

  1. Virtual Museums
  2. Advertisements
    1. Web
    2. Broadcast
  3. NFT itself is a key
    1. Subscriptions
    2. Physical access to venues
    3. Proof of Identity

The implementation of the Black Dracos Utility Token BDGR leverages cryptocurrency technologies to create an ecosystem of commerce. Black Dragon Resources Company, Inc use this ecosystem to market their current Art and Marketplace Inventories. BDGR leverages the technology strength of Smart Contracts to generate NFT and implement their utility token to deliver digital assets and provides the specific NFT Art to be a key for other areas of authenticity, trustless contracts and leverage in the market for licensing to third party usages.

Further, the BDGR utility token allows trading within the physical market place to buy, sell, and trade physical, NFT and subscription assets.

The technology also allows the ability to lease out the assets for revenue.

It is said that history repeats itself, Cryptology the earliest recordings of its use were by the Egyptians in 1900 BC is a remarkable evidence that history does indeed repeat itself.

Our core objective is the facilitation of safe dependable financial transactions at little or no transaction cost. A key objective is to utilize the latest most secure technology which has matured since the early days of Bitcoin and especially Ethereum. The most fundamental undertaking is the use of Non-fungible Tokens (“NFT’s”) in the form of high value assets to support its Cryptocurrency and give confidence our parent company and highly valued investors. This strategy of having a massive balance sheet of assets is to drive confidence and assurance to our value community BDGR clients.