Bounties are rewards in tokens that a cryptocurrency/BDGR gives away after a user successfully completes a certain task.

Since most tokens are based on the BDGR platform, you’ll need an active BDGR wallet to receive your reward.

Bounties are often confused with airdrops, and many crypto enthusiasts have difficulties understanding the difference. Airdrops aren’t the same as bounties.

Below are some of the ways in which you can gather crypto rewards:

What are some types of crypto bounties?

There are different types of bounties and bounty-related tasks. Here are the most common:

1. Signature campaign

This type of task means that you add a signature to your account. This way, when you post a message on a topic that the bounty campaign asks you to post in, the signature becomes visible. Usually, a signature is posted on BitcoinTalk forum, and you have to create several promotional posts there.

Rewards are based on membership level such as Junior, Senior, Hero, and Legendary Members.

2. Blog post or video campaign
If you want to participate in this campaign, you’ll have to write a blog post or create a video that’s related to the company. To do this successfully, you’ll have to read the company’s white paper and get to know the project’s details.

3. Translation campaign
This is pretty much self-explanatory. In the case of a translation campaign, the company rewards you for translating its website, white paper, or some other content.

4. Twitter and Facebook campaign
If your wanting to participate in the bounty opportunity, complete the form on this page. Since Facebook and Twitter are among the biggest social media platforms, tasks are usually related to them. So go for it. Register below and your now part of the team. There are bounties for your participation and real coin you will earn.

5. Social Media Sites

Where you can help the BDGR community grow and enhance the message which helps grow the value of your wealth and everyone else in the BDGR community, so your helping others. .If you blog about BDGR, 500 words that you provide and you inform us about it, you will earn additional currency, say real things about what you think it’s completely cool, true. We are paying between 1,000, and 10,000 BDGR and you will be informed prior to your efforts how much you will be paid if the content is meaningful, honest and acceptable. Just complete the form below to get started, welcome aboard. Just tell us where you are posting.

⦁ Signature (Badge) campaign
⦁ Blog post campaign
⦁ Video campaign
⦁ Translation campaign
⦁ Twitter campaign
⦁ Gettr campaign
⦁ Facebook campaign
⦁ Tik Tok Campaign

Complete the form below if you want to participate and grow your personal wallet by providing your insights and positive thinking, contributions to assist in making BDGR another success story that you were helpful in building. If not give us feedback in whatever form you desire or below in this form.

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