Community Manager: Bill

Expertise:  Retired I.T. assisting with network and wallet configuration.

“It has been a pleasure working alongside a good company assisting fellow shareholders. This project is ambitious and will be fun to watch come to fruition”

Community Advisor: Enrique

Expertise: OTC trader

“Proud to support a hard asset backed multi layer all around crypto project that strives for synergies between the real and digital world.”


Community Advisor: Hope

“Supporting an amazing community of dragon lovers and crypto enthusiasts. Merging art with innovation to create value for the ordinary person is a project I am proud to support.”


Community Advisor: Doug

“Invested investor, stocks, cryptos, NFTS, staking, mining, just a widower father blessed to do what I do and be a part of BDGR the new gem of tokens”


Community Advisor: Fahad

“It’s been a pleasure working with the advisor team helping each of our shareholders to get their tokens. I am very excited and looking forward to where this great project is going to take us.”