Black Dracos is a ERC20 based on Polygon Network and MATIC cryptocurrency. The implementation is to leverage Polygon platform enabling users to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to seamlessly exchange art pieces of the world’s most prominent artists. Black Dracos aims to reinvent the way museums showcase art while providing collectors a sure way of getting ownership of their favorite art.

Walk through virtual musem

All NFT art pieces are sold in the open economy, which narrows the gap between artists and collectors by ensuring fair trades between the two parties. By purchasing art pieces as NFTs in the open market, buyers are guaranteed full ownership of their favorite art piece while the artist receives royalties for their work.
Currently the infrastructure offers USDC but will eventually allow purchasing of BDGR as the Polygon Network and Matic technologies strengthen their API’s into the system.



We believe stablecoins are important tools for traders because many of the exchanges don’t support the conversion of fiat dollars for cryptocurrencies; instead allowing trading of two cryptocurrencies only.

Verifiable liquidity of Spera digital dollars will be of benefit to users of escrow services and traders alike.



$BDGR is an integral part of the Black Dracos platform and is the primary token used as the means of exchange in the marketplace. With $BDGR, users can:

  • Buy their favorite pieces on the marketplace

  • Receive compensation for art pieces sold to collectors

  • Participate in all upcoming features in the platform